The STC-7 features an ultra-sensitive and low noise 7 megapixel cooled CMOS sensor, integrated 8 position filter wheel, plus a complete set of LRGB and narrowband filters, and an opaque filter for con...
The STC-7 (complete imaging system) can be easliy connected to your telescope via either the front T-Thread mount or the included 2″ focuser adapter. The integrated filter wheel design ensures minimal back-focus distance for maximum compatibility with modestsized refractors, and small catadioptric or Newtonian telescopes. The STC-7 package also includes MaxIm LT for Windows – all the software you need to take images, calibrate, stack, and do essential image processing. Other software is supported via included ASCOM drivers. Mac OS and Linux drivers are also available. For even better results, the STC-7 is compatible with our SBIG StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guide camera for accurate guiding of your telescope. The StarChaser also supports the SBIG AO-8A adaptive optics accessory, which helps you get pinpoint star images.

  • Design & Drawing

  • Features

  • High sensitivity, low noise 7 megapixel IMX428 imaging sensor
  • Electronic global shutter for fast exposure times (0.001 to 3600 sec.)
  • High-speed USB 3.0 interface (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Downloads in under 50 milliseconds (depending on computer speed)
  • Stack Pro™ automatic in-camera sub-exposure stacking
  • Regulated two-stage cooling with delta ~ -30C
  • SmartCooling™ active temperature regulation to 0.1 degrees C for high calibration stability
  • Integrated 8-Position Filter Wheel with LRGB + Halpha, OIII, and SII filters, plus an opaque filter for dark frames
  • Compatible with SBIG StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guiding camera
  • Supports AO-8A adaptive optics unit via StarChaser SC-2
  • MaxIm LT control software
  • Multiplatform software API and sample code available

  • Specifications

    A/D Converter


    Adaptive Optics Option

    AO-8A via StarChaser SC-2

    Sensor Size

    14.4 mm × 9.9 mm

    Computer Interface

    USB 3.0

    Cooling Delta

    30 °C

    Dark Current e-/p/s

    typical 0.1 e-/p/s at -5C


    0.001 – 3600 seconds

    Filter Wheel Option

    Built-in 8 position wheel including a set of seven 25.4 mm round 2 mm thick filters, and an optical blank

    Full Frame Download

    90 ms typical

    Imaging Sensor


    Imaging / Pixel Array

    3208 × 2200 pixels

    OAG Option

    StarChaser SC-2

    Peak QE

    78% typical

    Pixel Size

    4.5 × 4.5 micron


    12VDC, 4A max

    Read Noise (typ)

    1.9 e- High Gain, 2.5 e- Med Gain, 5 e- Low Gain

    Temperature Regulation


    Total Pixels

    7.1 megapixel


    Global Shutter (electronic), Opaque Slot on Filter Wheel for Dark Frames


    2 lbs

    Binning Modes

    1×1, 2×2

    OS Compatibility

    Windows 7, 8, 10 x86/x64, MacOS 10.14 “Mojave” x86 binaries, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64, Raspbian Buster armhf, Ubuntu MATE arm64