Electro-Optics & Laser Electronics

Electro-Optics and Laser Electronics

Product range includes Pockels cells and their high voltage drivers with power supplies, laser diode drivers, laser synchronization modules, ultrafast electro-optical laser pulse picking system and he...
  We offer Pockels Cells with KD*P, KTP/RTP and BBO crystals for Q-switching of the laser cavity, cavity dumping of mode-locked lasers, injection and extraction of laser pulses into and from regenerative amplifiers and beam chopping applications. We also offer High Voltage drivers for operation with our Pockels cells and High Voltage power supplies for powering of the HV drivers. Other products presented here are ultrafast pulse picking systems based on our Pockels cells and Q-switching kits consisting of Pockels cells with driver and HV power supply.

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  • Pockels Cells
  • KTP Pockels Cells
  • DKDP Pockels Cells
  • BBO Pockels Cells
  • PM1 Mounting Stage Pockels Cells of Dia 25.4 mm
  • Mounting Stages for Pockels Cells of Dia 35 mm
  • Pockels Cells Drivers
  • High Voltage Drivers with Fast Amplitude Modulation
  • Pockels Cell Drivers for Up To 6 MHz Repetition Rate (≤6 MHz, ≤3.1 kV)
  • DPBX High Voltage Pockels Cell Drivers (≤1 MHz, ≤7.2 kV)
  • DP Series Pockels Cell Drivers for Low Operation Voltages (≤2 MHz, ≤3.6 kV)
  • DP-SP Short-Pulse Cavity Dumping & Pulse Picking Pockels Cell Drivers
  • DPB High Voltage Pockels Cell Driver
  • DQF Pockels Cell Driver for Q-Switching for Flashlamp Pumped Lasers
  • DQ High Repetition Rate Pockels Cell Driver for Q-Switching
  • HV Power Supplies
  • PS Series OEM High Voltage Power Supply
  • HVS100 High Voltage Power Supply
  • HV Series OEM High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Pulse Picking Systems
  • Ultrafast Pulse Picker UP2
  • Pulse Picker MP1
  • Ultrafast Pulse Picker UP1
  • Q-Switching Kits
  • OEM DKDP Pockels Cell Kit for Q-Switching of Lamp Pumped Lasers
  • OEM BBO Pockels Cell Kit for Q-Switching of DPSS Lasers
  • Timing Generators
  • Timing Generators for Laser SYNC
  • Laser Diode Drivers
  • Universal Laser Diode Driver UNILDD