Opto-Mechanical Components

Opto-Mechanical Components

We offer a wide range of precision opto-mechanics: from optical tables and breadboards to smaller opto-mechanical components, like optical rails, translation stages, optical mounts or posts.
     Many of the translation stages and optical mounts also have a motorized and vacuum compatible versions.

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Our optical tables and optical table systems are designed for precision applications in laser laboratories.
Optical tables can be supplied with laminar airflow units for cleanroom environments and various vibration isolation options.

We offer a variety of accessories for opto-mechanics assemblies such as steel or aluminium optical rails and sliding carriers, large rods, clamps, periscopes and angle brackets.
Bases and items for mounting to a base include standard rods, collar, rod translators, rod holders, movable bases, riser blocks, rod clamps, solid base height extenders, table clamps, connecting cones, hex keys, screws...etc.
We have a wide range of adjustable and fixed dimensions optics holders, including self-centering and adjustable lens mounts, variable lens holders, holders for rectangular optics, plate clamp, filter holders, universal plate holders and laser holders.
Wide selection of holders for linear and/or angular adjustment of an optical element. Optical positioners includes: large aperture optical mounts, kinematic mirror and beamsplitter mounts, precision and high stability L-Shaped steel optical mounts, precision kinematic optical mount and so on.
Bases such as multi-axes tilt platform, kinematic bases, magnetic kinematic bases, single axis tilt stage, adjustable height platform that are designed for horizontal positioning of groups of units.

Manual translators for linear or angular translation of an optical component.

Adjustment screws include precise and micrometer screws, thin and mini micrometers, compact fine screws, adjustment screws, fine hex adjustment screws.
Motorized positioners & controllers include motorized mirror mounts, motorized vertical and horizontal translation stages, motorized delay line, motorized rotation stages, motorized goniometers, motorized screws & actuators, narrow motorized translation stages with DC motors, controller cards and software.